Connecting you to the things that matter

At KCOM, we provide technology solutions that are easy and enjoyable to use; from robust networks and public WiFi solutions to trusted collaboration tools.

From maintaining visibility in a crowded marketplace and tracking customer journeys, both online and in the real world, to the rapid deployment of new sites, we deploy straightforward solutions in innovative and dynamic ways to help you work smarter and keep your organisation at the front of customers' minds.

  • Provide a seamless customer experience with consistent WiFi access to information on your goods and services. Support your staff with cloud and hosted voice for anywhere, anytime access to the data and systems they need.
  • Understand and reward customer behaviour. Our hosted servers and applications provide a flexible, centralised repository to store and manage this constant stream of big data.
  • Maximise your investment in new locations with rapid deployment of technology, whether it's connectivity for data and voice or secure links to your online presence and inventory systems.
  • Protect data and payments with enterprise-grade security and PCI compliance via managed hosting. A range of disaster recovery options are also available to ensure continuity and data availability whenever and wherever you need it.

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Combine intelligent traffic routing with our managed connectivity service for the performance you need, exactly when you need it.

Wireless LAN

Extend your network and provide secure access to data and systems, wherever and whenever your workforce needs it.

SmartComms UC

With customer experience the biggest differentiator in today's competitive landscape, a smart, secure and flexible Unified Comms system will help you stay ahead.

Managed WAN

Keep your sites and people securely connected with our fully supported Managed WAN solution.

SIP Trucks

A highly flexible and future-proof IP-voice service; maintaining quality and business continuity while you move to a fully hosted voice solution.

Secure phone payments

Ease the burden of PCI compliance and de-risk your organisation from data breach when you take card payments by phone.

Inbound call management

Even when you're at your busiest, Inbound Call Management will help your patients, visitors and suppliers feel prioritised and valued.