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Move to Unified Communications

The way we communicate is changing. Yes we might still have a phone on our desks but how frequently does it ring? We are all starting to adopt a much more fluid way of communicating through a variety of different business communication tools – email, SMS, instant messaging, video conferencing, online meetings – but are we really taking full advantage of the benefits these bring?

By looking at bringing all your communication methods together into a unified solution, linking different tool’s functionality to work seamlessly together, you can empower your colleagues to be part of the conversation wherever they are on whatever device they’re using.

For example, our SmartComms UC and Hosted Contact Centre solutions allow you to easily switch between the two – start with a chat window that can be immediately followed up by an email with attachments or SMS link; at the same time schedule a follow up voice call that can easily be escalated to a full video conference at the push of a button.

Support the shift to mobile working

Where is today’s office? In a company building, at home, a hotdesk, in your car? With such a mobile workforce, more and more voice calls are taking place by mobile phone. Smartphones and tablets are also enabling us to manage our email, SMS, online chat and video conferencing functionality from that same device. With mobile devices very quickly becoming the only piece of communication hardware that’s needed and the traditional office no longer being the main business hub, the challenge now is to combine all of these devices, users and locations under a single integrated system.

Using a platform such as SmartComms UC is suited to this situation perfectly. It will enable you to be connected to your business network wherever you are via one dedicated number linked to every device; one point of access into your communications hub and one simple number for your contacts to store.

Keep your lines of communication open, no matter what

What happens if your communication channels go down? What are your current disaster recovery plans? What are the implications to your business? On top of a huge operational headache, the financial implications of not being able to communicate both internally and externally could be huge. It’s vital that communication channels continue to work, no matter what, and in the unfortunate event that they do go down, a failsafe needs to be in place for an immediate recovery.

We specialise in providing communication solutions that have disaster recovery and business continuity built in as standard. If one site fails, calls can instantly be re-routed to another. If a call centre operative is unable to make it into the office, access to your hosted communication platform will keep them answering calls. If you’re moving location then numbers can be easily taken with you.

Quite simply, it’s a more simple way of managing your business communications and we all like to keep it simple where we can.

Embrace the flexibility of hosted voice

Legacy hardware and on-premise communication solutions are costly, slow and difficult to respond to change. Whether you’re rapidly growing your business or need to support seasonal shifts in communication demand, working with traditional phone and PBX technologies hinder your ability to quickly adapt.

Fully flexible hosted communication services that can instantly be scaled as your needs change can take that headache away. They’re more responsive, flexible and agile to changing needs. For example, if you want to run a new marketing campaign you can simply add new SIP channels or users to your SmartComms UC service within minutes. Adding a new site is as easy as adding a licence in your administration portal so your communications are available the minute you open the office door. And together with complete operational flexibility, hosted communications come with a cost-effective, monthly pay-as-you-go pricing model that keeps OPEX down while your business grows.

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