Enabling digital-first health and social care

The launch of the HSCN network and its inherently open standards of collaboration and interoperability is the start of creating a digitally-led health service.

With NHS Digital's long-term vision including connected healthcare across sites and providers, online access to medical records, guest WiFi at surgeries and hospitals and powerful yet intuitive platforms enabling better patient outcomes, technology is the driver for creating the healthcare service of the future, today.

  • Underpin HSCN with a reliable network. Mobile failover and proactive monitoring provide resilience and peace of mind, then extend its reach with WiFi, letting different users access your network in different ways.
  • Move to hosted voice for mobility, flexibilty and cost savings, and add inbound call management to control call traffic and manage callers' expectations.
  • Take a step by step approach to cloud migration with our Cloud Landing Zone and safe, flexible solutions in the public cloud. Securely access your data to leverage cost and operational benefits.
  • Identity management, two factor authentication and hosted firewalls will help to increase the security of your data and systems and protect your organisation's integrity and reputation.

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