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Combine on-premise, private and public cloud services

What’s the most important aspect of storing your company data; availability, accessibility, location, quality, security, all of the above? It’s often difficult to compromise on something that’s fundamental to your business success; surely you can have it all. It’s no longer necessary to move your entire business IT operations to one type of hosted server environment. Sometimes it will be the case that you have certain business critical data you wish to keep on-premise or away from the public domain, but the applications that access it can sit on a public hosted platform. At other times you may be happy to run applications and data straight from the cloud. What you need is a flexible hybrid cloud infrastructure that gives you the benefits of all options – the security of the private cloud and the cost savings and agility offered by the public cloud.

Keep your information private and secure

Wherever it’s stored, you need to know that your customer, colleague and business data is always in safe hands while still being available whenever it’s needed. While maintaining this data on a stand-alone server on-premise can increase its security, it can significantly reduce its accessibility across your organisation. What you need is a solution that combines both. Hosted servers provide enterprise-grade privacy and security from Tier 3 UK data centres with full backup and disaster recovery built in and the ability to access and control your data from anywhere with a data connection, whenever you need it. We can also provide you with a fast, dedicated cloud connection, making sure your data traffic flows uninterrupted, without impacting on your day-to-day operations.

Make sure your data is accessible anywhere, at any time

Access to your information when you need it is critical to the efficient running and overall success of your business. Whether at your desk, in different areas of your main office, at multiple sites throughout your organisation, working from home or travelling nationally or overseas, having everything you need at your fingertips provides a huge boost to your overall productivity. Work doesn’t have to stop because you’re away from the office; ‘always on’ access to your data enables more timely collaboration with the most up to date information possible.

We offer a range of secure and resilient public and private cloud hosting options alongside essential cloud productivity tools such as Microsoft Office 365. Never be without your business critical information again.

Don’t manage the infrastructure if you don’t have to

Being responsible for the IT infrastructure of your business is a full time job; one that needs specific expertise, time and financial resources allocated to it. Unless you have a dedicated IT department to look after the setup, maintenance, upgrades and fault resolution within your organisation, it’s much more cost and time effective to outsource this to hosting specialists.

Our Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services solutions sit alongside our own UK-based data centres and are fully managed by us, so you can focus on your business objectives rather than the technology that supports them. We provide easy access to the safest environments for both your data and applications; and even better it will cost less than managing it yourself.

We have a dedicated team of cloud specialists who are on hand to help you develop a bespoke managed hosted server solution that’s right for your business.

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