Connecting you to the things that matter

At KCOM, we get excited about solving real business challenges, helping our charity customers achieve what they need using the power of technology.

We know every penny counts, so we combine our connectivity, cloud, communication and collaboration solutions into a single managed service that makes it easy for you to focus on what really matters.

Whatever the needs of your organisation, we’ll re-imagine the role of technology in helping you reach your goals.

  • Fast, reliable connectivity is now essential, supporting your operations, apps, online infrastructure and providing a consistent experience for the people who rely on and support you.
  • Staying in touch with your supporters and corporate sponsors is vital to your continued success. With people continually on the move, hosted voice keeps important conversations happening, wherever and whenever.
  • Embrace your changing landscape with our help, using the power of the cloud to solve business challenges, both existing and emerging.
  • Drive towards a collaborative workforce; one that can access applications and information anytime and anywhere - increasing productivity and achieving better outcomes for the people you support.


Combine intelligent traffic routing with our managed connectivity service for the performance you need, exactly when you need it.

Wireless LAN

Extend your network and provide secure access to data and systems, wherever and whenever your workforce needs it.

SmartComms UC

With customer experience the biggest differentiator in today's competitive landscape, a smart, secure and flexible Unified Comms system will help you stay ahead.

Managed WAN

Keep your sites and people securely connected with our fully supported Managed WAN solution.

SIP trunks

A highly flexible and future-proof IP-voice service; maintaining quality and business continuity while you move to a fully hosted voice solution.

Secure phone payments

Ease the burden of PCI compliance and de-risk your organisation from data breach when you take card payments by phone.

Inbound call management

Even when you're at your busiest, Inbound Call Management will help your patients, visitors and suppliers feel prioritised and valued.