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Keeping you connected with your customers

The retail environment is very similar to the technology industry; it’s fast-paced, driven by consumer demands and everyone wants the next big thing (even though they haven’t quite worked out what to do with yesterday’s idea yet). That’s why having a technology infrastructure that provides the foundation for growth is imperative to every retail organisation regardless of size.

Digitalisation has completely changed the way retailers operate. It’s no longer enough to have a well laid out store with reasonably priced goods and a discount based loyalty programme; the online experience has provided consumers with the choice and information they need to make a fully informed decision on purchases even before they’ve seen the item in question.

Online research, customer journey tracking, shopping basket abandonment – these activities can all be tracked and captured online to increase our understanding of customer behaviour and ultimately position our goods in a more attractive way to drive the purchase. And if you’re not capturing and using this data for market differentiation then the scaremongers would have you believe that you will lose your place at the end of the consumer’s buying chain.

At KCOM, we provide retailers with technology solutions that are easy and enjoyable to use; such as robust networks, trusted collaboration tools and in-store WiFi solutions. Let us help you navigate your way through the current technology trends by providing a reliable infrastructure that is always on, always available and always ready to adapt to your changing business.

Provide a seamless shopping experience

Whether online or in-store, customers expect instant and consistent access to information on your goods and services to engage them into making a timely purchasing decision. In-store WiFi, connected via a robust and fast network, will support your sales staff; cloud and hosted voice will provide anywhere, anytime access to running your business, providing a truly seamless experience.

Understand and reward shopping behaviour

Track where your customers go in-store and on your website, what they interact with most and where they go next. This behaviour-rich data can help you provide an enriched and personalised shopping experience and support your loyalty schemes and personalised offers. Our in-store wireless solution can provide the means of tracking foot traffic and sending tailored customer mobile offers, while our hosted servers and applications provide a flexible, centralised repository to store and manage this constant stream of big data.

Protect your customer data and payments

Customers need to trust that their data is safe, so enterprise-grade security and PCI compliance for your data through managed hosting comes as standard, both during transactions and in storage. A range of disaster recovery options are also available to ensure continuity and data availability whenever and wherever you need it.

Integrate your supply chain processes

From stock information and multi-channel sales to logistics, delivery and returns, your technology infrastructure needs to be capable of reliably handling your network of stores, warehouses and distribution centres in order to deliver a truly omni-channel solution. Centralised stock, distribution and goods management systems, powered by robust connectivity, data hosting and cloud apps, can ensure a smooth and efficient end-to-end supply chain.

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