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Using technology to keep you connected anytime, anywhere

The UK’s professional services sector is growing, and technology is playing a major role in shaping how the industry develops.

It’s no longer enough to be available from 9-5, Monday to Friday. As consumers, we are a hungry, demanding generation; we expect to be able to access goods and services on a 24/7 basis, especially when it comes to our own finances or legal affairs – and if we can’t get hold of an individual, we at least expect to be able to login to a website or portal to find the answers we need.

Fortunately, although advancements in technology have created this appetite, it also provides the means of satisfying it, in the shape of robust data connectivity to keep you, your colleagues, partners and your offices in the loop, flexible communication services to keep you in touch with your clients, and hosted collaboration tools to manage and share documents and files.

At KCOM, we work with businesses across the professional services sector to provide technology solutions that are easy and enjoyable to use, while also giving peace of mind in terms of data security and resilience. Our technical experts will work with you to understand your specific needs and help you design a technology infrastructure that supports your business today – and paves the way for future growth.

Staying in touch on the move

So you’ve decided to work from home, or you’re keen to catch up on your workload while on the move; being out of the office doesn’t have to mean you’re not available. Cloud services like Office 365 allow you to access, edit and save documents to your network in real-time, boosting productivity and bringing a new meaning to workplace collaboration. And with our new Hybrid Cloud Office 365 service, you can be assured of your data sovereignty at all times. With hosted voice, you can even take your office number with you on the move, ensuring you don’t miss that important call you’ve been waiting for.

A head office experience at all your sites

Robust connectivity underpins every other technology within your business. Therefore, it’s vital that whether you’re working at your firm’s HQ or from a satellite office, your connectivity is capable of linking you up with all the tools and resources you need without detriment to network performance or data security. Our resilient networks, built on the best technology available at each location, have earned us a strong reputation for reliability and the ability to customise connections to meet individual compliance needs.

Protect your client data

When it comes to confidentiality, there can be no room for error, which is why enterprise-grade security and PCI compliance come as standard, whether your data is in storage or transit. A range of disaster recovery options ensure continuity and data availability whenever and wherever you need it.

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