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Creating the technology infrastructure to keep you delivering

Logistics, third party supply chain, storage and distribution, 3PL – whichever title you use there is one common factor; technology is at the heart of your success.  Your connectivity and communication infrastructure keeps your shelves and bays stacked, your warehouse pickers picking and your lorries delivering on schedule. The amount of information that is moved in, out and around your business just to keep you on track is staggering; and any delay can mean that your retail customer has an empty point-of-sale display, your manufacturing customer has a halted production line or your construction customer can’t build today. And with more and more customers using shared services for storage and distribution requirements, your loss may well be your competitors’ gain.

At KCOM, we want to make life easier and better for every customer by building a robust infrastructure on which you can run your business. Logistics companies come to us because we understand the complexities of remote locations, multi-site and flexible, scalable solutions. We know about seasonal peaks and the need to flex call centres, we get that your management staff need to be mobile, working across multiple distribution centres but always being available, and we understand that your customers are putting their livelihoods in your hands so you can’t let them down.

Our technical experts will work with you to fast-track your understanding of your requirements, share our knowledge and, by combining robust connectivity, flexible communications and secure cloud solutions, create a technology platform that helps deliver success – all in a friendly, straightforward manner.

Increase connectivity speeds at every site

With many distribution centres being located out-of-town, reliable connectivity can be costly, especially where Fibre isn’t available. We work with our customers to truly understand their needs at each individual site and then map a network which supports those needs in the most cost-effective way possible. By combining Private DSL and Fibre with Bonded DSL and Ethernet leased lines, we can be sure to keep you and your customers connected.

Enable a mobile workforce

In the past, every site had a site manager who was there across shift patterns to keep the logistics cogs turning. Today, we expect our management teams to be flexible enough to work across sites, always accessible and switched on to what’s happening within their teams, sites and customers. Our cloud solutions enable just that mobile working experience. Office 365 lets you access and share all your data and applications wherever you are, while hosted voice solutions mean you will never be out of touch. As for your drivers, in-cab WiFi provides the ability to pass information seamlessly in and out of control centres ensuring that the lines of communication are always open and both deliveries and collections are kept to plan.

Flex your desktop applications and call centres to respond to customer peaks

It’s probably safe to say that Christmas and January is a busy time for most retailers, while spring and summer see a definite surge in activity for the construction industry. As a logistics partner you need to be ready and able to respond to these peaks. We’re sure you have all the storage and distribution flexibility you need, but does your technology infrastructure enable you to react in a cost-efficient manner without carrying an unnecessary overhead all year round? Our subscription-based hosted and cloud solutions give you the power to add and remove users as and when you need them, ensuring you can respond to your customers’ needs while also managing your costs.

Data, data, data

With the growing trend for big data, analytics and consumer insight, there’s no getting away from the fact that the metadata surrounding the products you store, manage and deliver is only going to increase. RFID and the Internet of Things are just two initiatives gaining traction in our markets to drive this trend. On-site data storage is a solution but is it really your business’ purpose? Our hosted data storage solutions combine enterprise-grade security and seamless access to the data you need to run your business - accessible from anywhere at exactly the time you need it. AWS and Microsoft Azure sit alongside our own UK-based data centres to ensure that we have a solution which fully meets your business and regulatory needs.

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