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Using technology to win your supporters’ hearts and minds

As a charity, you will be committed to a cause which is at the heart of everything you do. Maybe like some of our customers this could be working to protect and preserve nature such as the RSPB, saving lives at sea or in the air or, like the Terrence Higgins Trust, it will be providing support for people with health concerns. Whatever your cause, finding new revenue streams to support your ongoing work will be top of your priority list.

So, while you’re focusing on that you will need a technology infrastructure that will improve the way you deliver services, engage with your volunteers and communicate with your supporters. An infrastructure that provides the robust connectivity needed to withstand the onslaught of an ‘ice-bucket challenge’; an infrastructure that’s secure enough to give peace of mind that your supporters’ details are truly safe and protected; an infrastructure that provides your colleagues and volunteers with all the communication, applications and data they need to be able to deliver your cause; in short – an infrastructure that supports your organisation in every way.

At KCOM, we want to make life easier and better for each and every one of our customers. We work with our charity customers to truly understand their needs and create a technology platform that is designed to fulfil those needs, working with them in partnership to deliver success. By combining robust connectivity, flexible communications services and secure cloud solutions we can help you embrace our new digital world.

Keep your colleagues and volunteers connected and your donations flooding in

With many charity organisations being spread across the UK in remote locations, robust and flexible connectivity solutions are key to keeping everyone talking. Whether it’s a private broadband link into a remote nature reserve or a fibre Ethernet line delivering data into your head office, an any-access technology network that’s tailored to meet the needs of each individual site will underpin that challenging legacy database and all business requirements going forward. Increasingly we are working with charities who want to capture donations on-site with Wi-Fi connectivity; be it in a charity retail outlet, a visitor centre or a lifeboat station. Enabling supporters to donate in the moment through on-site Wi-Fi will ensure you maximise their loyalty to your cause while also providing visitors with an enjoyable online experience.

Never let the phones stop ringing

Ensure you’re always available to answer the call, be it to someone needing support or a loyal donator, with a hosted voice solution that keeps you available anywhere, at any time. Flex your requirements depending on need; a teenager support charity may need more phone coverage during exam times or a wildlife charity may need to answer a rescue call during the harsh winter months; our hosted voice solutions put you in control to adapt your communication systems according to your needs, effortlessly.

Keep your staff and volunteers sharing and growing

In today’s world of flexible working and ‘always on’ technology, every organisation needs to provide its staff (both paid and voluntary) with the ability to share information, data and applications wherever they are. Cloud applications and data, held in secure environments, provide just that ability to create a shared network of people and systems that are all able to work together, regardless of location. Moving into the cloud with applications such as Office 365 or Backup can provide charities with a cost-effective, flexible approach to managing an ever-expanding, ever-mobile workforce.

Protect your data

You and your community need to trust that your data is safe, wherever it is stored, both on and off-site. Our UK-based hosted data centres combine enterprise-grade security with robust connectivity and come with a range of disaster recovery options to ensure continuity and data availability whenever and wherever you need it.

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