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Casestudy Logos Timpson“With a vast number of stores of varying sizes across varying locations, we needed a flexible solution that could quickly adapt to the growth of our business and the addition of our other brands. We chose KCOM for their excellent service reputation and network reliability.”

Working together to support business growth

With a wealth of history behind Timpson, a family business, their key requirement when selecting a service provider was to find a business that reflected their own culture and values – great service by great people.  Today, with over 1,000 connections in place, Timpson has been able to scale considerably knowing they have an adaptable, reliable provider that understands their vision and is able to fully support their business growth.                

Key benefits of the solution include:

  • 1000 connected sites at multiple locations, including city centre and out of town
  • The highest level of service and support for all busy retail locations
  • The ability to quickly and easily be able to transfer connections as needed
  • A partner that understands retailers and their need for quick adaptation and growth 

By partnering with KCOM, Timpson has achieved a seamless migration of all their connections and the essential support they need to enable future business growth. Timpson continues to re-contract with KCOM for many reasons including commercially competitive pricing, exceptional customer service and a superior level of support. Likewise, KCOM is delighted to continue working alongside such an established business partner.

“Over the last three years KCOM has worked closely with the Timpson Group. The network now supports over 1000 outlets nationwide across the Timpson, Max Spielmann and Snappy Snaps brands.  We have no hesitation in continuing to transfer all our new connections to KCOM.”  
Paul Churchill, Head of IT at Timpson

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