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The University of Nottingham

Myriad Nottingham University"Response to the new system has been incredible. Because of the close relationship we have with the University of Nottingham we knew that their clearing experience could be dramatically improved at a relatively low cost; especially when you look at the value gained. And with KCOM’s Myriad platform being so quick to deploy we had it up and running within two weeks.” Paul Bryce, Business Development Director, atNode4

A stress-free clearing process

Late 2016, one of KCOM’s partners, Node 4 was approached by their customer, the University of Nottingham. They’d had a tricky time managing the influx of calls through the annual clearing process trying to ensure that every student was helped through what was already a difficult time. Node4 turned to us, and specifically our Myriad call management solution, to help solve the problem.

In 2017, Myriad helped the University to handle 41,000 inbound calls on the first day of clearing with 6350 calls being handled successfully by just 80 agents and the remaining being advised of wait times so they could make an informed decision to call back later.

Putting Myriad in place gave the university the following benefits:

  • Ability to queue up to 300 callers while reassuring them that they would soon be dealt with
  • Skills-based call routing so students could immediately be forwarded to a relevant team
  • Spaced out calls to avoid mass congestion on the network
  • A simple dashboard of all call data to aid future resourcing decisions

The ability to instantly transfer data such as radiology reports and 3D scans between Somerset’s two main acute hospitals provides peace of mind to both medical professionals and patients – so that even in the most critical situations, a complete replica of a patient’s file exists at either site. The provision of free guest WiFi on a site-wide basis was also a key consideration for Yeovil District Hospital, giving patients and visitors the reassurance of quick, easy communication with family and friends. Months after implementing this service, Yeovil remains one of a small number of hospital trusts nationally to offer this level of care.

“This technology has helped us shake up how we engage with our external audiences and deliver a more modern, accessible service to them. The analytics we’ve collected allow us to make important business decisions based on facts rather than guess work, which will help us to continue improving our interaction with students in the coming years.”
Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Education and Student Experience