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Casestudy Logos RSPB“The new network is going to make a huge difference to our work and has opened up the opportunity for us to use technology in a totally different way.”

Keeping even the remotest location connected

Everyone knows the RSPB. What people might not know is that the RSPB has over 190 locations across the UK, all working together to protect our country’s wildlife. By the very nature of its work, many of these sites are in remote, rural areas making it extremely challenging to stay connected to civilisation; however, in today’s technology-driven world, being out of touch is not an option. Today, with KCOM’s help, the RSPB has 190 fully connected sites enabling them to collaborate effectively, share knowledge and simply stay in touch.

Benefits of the solution include:

  • Improved connection speeds
  • End-to-end management and delivery of solution, from design and migration to in-life
  • Defined and mapped out migration path with a full month of testing to ensure that roll back procedures were in place

The RSPB now has a new network that has opened up all sorts of technology opportunities. And with this new improved way of working in mind, ‘connectivity access’ has been added to their list of criteria when considering a new location. Today, and in the future, KCOM is on hand to ensure continued knowledge-sharing on technology and connectivity, supporting their in-house team every day with making sure that all staff and volunteers stay connected.

“Having fast and reliable connectivity is essential. KCOM not only provides this to our 190 sites, but they also manage our connectivity end to end – ensuring effective and efficient service delivery and resilient connections, particularly in our hard to reach locations. Through the delivery of innovative and flexible access technology, all of our sites now operate as a single, uniform network. KCOM is a real extension of our own IT team; a partner that continues to share knowledge on technology and connectivity, supporting our in house team every day to make sure we all stay connected.”

Luke Ludford, Infrastructure Support Manager, RSPB

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