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Casestudy Logos Radioexe"As a business that’s key focus is to keep people up to date with latest news, getting access to the world around us at all times is really important. The solution and the service we have received from KCOM have enabled us to do just that. The Bonded ADSL connectivity we now have has greatly increased our speeds and uptime, ensuring that we have anytime access to the latest news from around the globe and the ability to keep our listeners continually up-to-date."
Paul Nero, Managing Director at Radio Exe

Faster speeds to keep Exeter up to date

When Radio Exe, one of the UK’s last independently-controlled radio stations, moved into their studio on the Marsh Barton Industrial Estate in Exeter, the connectivity in place just wasn’t fast enough to keep up with the pace they needed to work. Extremely slow download speeds, regular outages and quite simply, not enough bandwidth to enable people to be able to do their jobs were causing some major issues. And staff were regularly having to work from home to download both the music to keep listeners happy and the high quality commercials that provided the income stream. After a chance meeting, KCOM suggested a Bonded ADSL solution which would provide up to four times greater bandwidth. Radio Exe is now reaping the benefits of a much more robust connectivity solution.

Benefits of the solution include:

  • A minimum of 6 Mbps download speeds at all times
  • Always on, always available connectivity
  • A smooth, managed migration to the new service, live within two weeks
  • Staff can now do the jobs they need to do, in the studio
  • Much improved employee morale

Radio Exe is now fully self-sufficient in the studio to manage everything they need to be Exeter’s local radio station, and staff no longer have to deal with the frustration that they have better connectivity speeds at home than at work. Although Radio Exe is still waiting for Fibre to be made available in their area, it’s no longer a necessity to them being able to run their business – in fact, they’re not even sure they will make the switch when the technology arrives.

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