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Casestudy Logos Kitsons“Calling KCOM feels far from the call centre experience you expect from most service providers.  I get straight through, for a start, and it’s a relief to avoid the automated systems of so many big companies.  The technical experts at KCOM really know what they’re talking about - but they also recognise that I’m a professional too - and it all adds up to a really helpful support service.” 

For almost 15 years, Kitsons Solicitors has trusted KCOM to provide secure and reliable business broadband connections serving partners and senior staff. As a legal firm, specialising in commercial law, Kitsons needed to ensure absolute security and reliability when choosing a provider as data protection is an absolute priority when connecting home workers.  They chose KCOM for two reasons: our reputation for reliability and the ability to be able to customise their connections to comply with data security guidelines.  

Benefits of the solution include:

  • A superior rate of uptime
  • The ability to configure centrally
  • A high level of data security
  • The ability to allow staff to work via a remote desktop

With no confidential data being transferred over the internet connection - just encrypted screen shots and keystrokes - and a high level of reliability, Kitsons now have a robust connectivity solution on which to grow their business. And although the reliability offered by KCOM broadband means that Kitsons rarely have the need for the technical support services offered alongside connections,  if and when they do they call it an 'impressive experience'.

“The level of control and customisation offered through the Business Portal really helps us manage these connections, and increase our own security levels.  I’ve been able to specify access by IP address - and I’ve also been able to manage traffic and volume of data transfer to ensure our network integrity.”
Peter Creber, IT Manager at Kitsons


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