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Casestudy Logos Furniture Village"KCOM’s bonded broadband solution has provided Furniture Village with a scalable and resilient alternative to leased lines, upon which new commercially targeted IT services can now be built. This is backed up by KCOM’s excellent team who truly engage and care about our business."

Securing future collaboration and growth

Many industrial estates, retail parks and out of town shopping locations are limited with their options for connectivity. For Furniture Village, the need to roll out new communication services and business applications cost-effectively was paramount for continued success, however, many of their sites were constrained by their network, making this growth impossible. KCOM delivered a tailor-made network using the optimal technology available at each of their 50 sites.

Benefits of the solution include:

  • A minimum of 6Mbps download speeds at every site, some of which were managing only 0.5Mbps connections previously
  • A 91% reduction in network outages
  • A 15% cost saving on budget
  • Improved network resilience using Bonded DSL lines
  • Online access to network monitoring and diagnostic tools
  • Regained faith in the IT team and infrastructure

Furniture Village is now in a great position to exploit all the new technologies such as unified communications and cloud-based services that will enable them to truly collaborate across sites and maximise the potential of their business. Finding a technology partner that truly fitted their culture and was prepared to invest time in understanding the business was also high on their agenda, KCOM fulfilled this criteria and continues to work hand-in-hand with Furniture Village as an extension to their in-house IT team.

"As an out-of-town retailer in the UK, there is a constant challenge of providing cost-effective and robust data connectivity to sites that do not benefit from fibre connectivity. As the convergence of data, voice and video grows, so too does the requirement for greater bandwidth. KCOM’s bonded broadband solution has provided Furniture Village with a scalable and resilient alternative to leased lines, upon which new commercially targeted IT services can now be built. This is backed up by KCOM’s excellent team who truly engage and care about our business."
Ian McBeth, Group IT Controller, Furniture Village

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