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Cameras Underwater

“Our new Bonded DSL solution has made a significant difference to our business. We can now use all the available bandwidth and balance the traffic across both connections.”

Ensuring consistent connectivity for a niche retailer

When Cameras Underwater, a small retail business in the South West, realised that they needed a more resilient connectivity solution than a simple ADSL line they turned to KCOM, their broadband supplier, to see what they could do. KCOM implemented a two-line Bonded DSL solution which provided double the speed and resilience of their single line, ensuring that their website and email, vital for running the business, was never out of action.

Benefits of the solution include:

  • Faster speeds including double upload speeds
  • Consistent connectivity at all times – sending emails and website access is never compromised
  • No manual switch over – if one line fails the other continues automatically.

Cameras Underwater had been considering a leased line as they needed faster speeds, especially on upload, however, Bonded DSL has provided that speed at a fraction of the cost. Cameras Underwater now has the connectivity they need to continue to grow their successful niche retail business.

“If one of the lines fail our connection continues with the remaining line and we don’t have to manually switch it over. This gives us real reassurance and peace of mind as a business.”

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