Extend the potential of your network

With the explosion in mobile device usage in all walks of life; among consumers, enterprise business use, hospitals, retail stores or sports arenas, users are increasingly demanding instant access to the information they need through Wi-Fi networks.

Our Wireless LAN solutions are easily deployed and managed from the cloud, giving you the flexibility and control you need.

Perhaps you’re a retailer looking to provide a more seamless customer experience. Maybe you're a manufacturer looking to get better visibility of your stock from distribution centre to retail outlet. Or you could be a charity looking to give your volunteers more flexibility as well as forming closer relationships with your supporters.

Whatever you're looking to achieve, our Wireless LAN solutions provide a secure, scalable and cost-effective upgrade to your existing network.

How a Wireless LAN will benefit your business

Seamlessly extend the reach of your network

WiFi opens up your network to parts of your business in hard to reach locations, making more efficient use of your workspace and giving every area hotdesk potential.

Provide anywhere, anytime network access

Improve productivity, mobility and real-time collaboration, using your progressive and device-agnostic WiFI-enabled working environment to attract and keep the best talent.

Guarantee network security and reliability

Enterprise-grade security measures and data encryption are constantly updated, keeping your data safe, while full control over user types and profiles gives you the power to differentiate between employees, customers and guests.

Centralised management and network monitoring

Our wireless access points are supported by a range of hosted management tools, software and hardware support and our intuitive management portal for detailed visibility and reporting on users and their network activity.

Simple installation and minimal maintenance

Our solution only requires wireless access points where needed, making installation and maintenance far swifter and simpler, and reducing the overall lifetime cost of your WiFi network.

Easily scale your network as your organisation grows

Add extra access points or upgrade to newer hardware as it becomes available. We offer a flexible upgrade path to always give you the level of infrastructure you need.

How a KCOM wireless network works

Our Wireless LAN solutions are made up of two simple, yet very effective components:

  • The physical network equipment at your site, including wireless access points, LAN switches and security switches.
  • A centralised, cloud-based management portal with device and application visibility, real-time web-based diagnostics, network monitoring and reporting.

We offer full consultation, setup and migration support to make sure you get the best wireless infrastructure for your business.

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