How a KCOM SD WAN will benefit your business

Get SD-networking right first time

SD-WAN is easy to implement but can be difficult to adapt to your business needs. That's why we make sure you're clear on your expectations before you invest, so we can help you design a solution that’s aligned to both your immediate and future strategy.

Control without the risk

Enjoy end-to-end visibility of all your KCOM network services, whether software-defined or otherwise. Transparent reporting and better management platforms will result in quicker fault resolution and continuous proactive maintenance of your network.

Agility to adapt in a changing world

When speed of reaction is critical, SD WAN comes into its own with automated controls providing drastically reduced reaction times for new site deployments or traffic policy changes, helping you stay ahead when it matters most.

A true balance of costs and tangible results

The difference between SD WAN and traditional wide area networks lies less in cost savings, and more in the simplified management tools that drive efficiencies. This lets overburdened IT teams focus on the projects that are really driving your future growth.

SD-WAN is only the start

SD-WAN is just one step on your journey to enhance your digital services.

At KCOM we have a whole range of Software as a Service (SaaS), cloud, contact centre and voice solutions that could be exactly what you’re looking for. Even better, they all plug into your KCOM SD-WAN.

Our vision is to create a platform of automated, secure and flexible services, which will allow our customers to take control and evolve their networks as they see fit, when they see fit.

Fundamentally, the market is changing - and we’re here to help you address the challenges that come with that, and make sure that we succeed together.

SD WAN building blocks

Private broadband

Connect your main and satellite offices or home-workers, or add resilience to your network with our fibre and ADSL solutions.


Dedicated fibre and copper-based enterprise grade connectivity, from Fibre Ethernet to EFM and EoFTTC.

Cloud connect

Dedicated, secure bandwidth that gets your critical data traffic where it needs to be, fast, making it instantly available.

Mobile failover

Resilience and business continuity for peace of mind, when you need it most.

Related products

Managed WAN

Keep your sites and people securely connected, and lay a robust foundation for your digital transformation.


Improve health and care outcomes through better connections that support the ambitions of a digital-first health service.

SmartComms UC

With customer experience the biggest differentiator in today's competitive landscape, a smart, secure and flexible Unified Comms system will help you stay ahead.

Wireless LAN

Extend your network and provide secure access to data and systems, wherever and whenever your workforce needs it.

Hybrid cloud

Combine the bespoke, cost-effective nature of private cloud with the scalability of public cloud and seamlessly manage under one service.

Cloud connect

Dedicated, secure bandwidth that gets your critical data traffic where it needs to be, fast, making it instantly available to the people who need it.