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Managed WANs (OLD)

How a Managed WAN will benefit your business:

Complete flexibility: We will work with you to define the right bandwidth for each of your sites and specifically tailor the overall solution to your business needs. In the future you can add additional sites and upgrade bandwidth with ease.

Guaranteed consistency: Our 100% availability SLAs and optimum fix times make sure you have a consistent, reliable connection at the speeds you demand. We will also automatically redirect your traffic in the unlikely event of a line failure through a choice of failover options.

Enhanced security: You can transfer and protect critical business data with confidence as your business is the exclusive user of your private connection and network.

Total control: Our advanced network monitoring tool, Sentinel, provides proactive alerts by SMS, email or phone of any line issues. You will also have access to a dedicated admin portal, allowing you to easily monitor and tailor your usage and billing.

Increased productivity: You can seamlessly share data and resources instantly between sites. Our WAN solutions are fully optimised for cloud services and hosted applications. Optional managed network-based Internet break-outs and hosted firewall features are also available to add to the functionality of your network.

Our access technologies:

No matter where your sites are, we will work with you to design a secure network solution that suits your business needs perfectly using the best access technology available. And when these change, we will advise on how to ensure your network moves with the times to continue to support your business.

Leased Lines: Taking advantage of Fibre Ethernet, EFM and EoFTTC technologies, our leased lines provide a highly reliable and dedicated connection, offering the fastest symmetrical speeds. Leased lines are highly secure, flexible connections that can rapidly increase bandwidth as needed.

Private Broadband: Providing secure access to your network for smaller offices or home users through both FTTC and ADSL connections. A lower-cost supplement to leased lines for less bandwidth-hungry sites.

Private Bonded DSL: For sites where FTTC isn’t available, a leased line is an unnecessary luxury and ADSL isn’t quite up to the job, our private Bonded DSL solution enables businesses to combine up to four secure ADSL lines together to create a single, more resilient connection.

Mobile: For anytime, anywhere network access, mobile connectivity is a must. Using the latest 3G and 4G networks we can enable businesses to gain fast enough access speeds to support a mobile workforce.

Our network configuration options:

Depending on your business needs, all of these access technologies can be combined where possible in three main network configuration options:

Any to Any

Productsheet Images Network Connect Any2any

Hub & Spoke

  Productsheet Images Network Connect Hubspoke

Point to Point

   Productsheet Images Network Connect Point2point

Call us today on 0345 122 4222 to discuss a bespoke solution for your business. We will work with you to provide a fully managed wide area network to connect each of your sites in the most effective way possible.