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The Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) is the new data network for healthcare organisations, from NHS Trusts, doctors’ surgeries and pharmacies to private care homes and healthcare suppliers.

As a Stage 2 compliant supplier, we can help guide you through the full process of connecting to HSCN.

Watch our short video below, then visit our HSCN microsite for more advice and downloads to help you shape your HSCN strategy. 

What's HSCN?

HSCN aims to transform health and social care services by allowing organisations to access and share information more securely and efficiently.

Replacing N3, a private network managed by BT, HSCN uses peering to create a network of networks, which health and care organisations and their suppliers can access via a competitive marketplace.

If you want to share and collaborate with ease across the health and care sector, you’ll need a connection to HSCN.


Benefits of connecting to HSCN include:

Better collaboration: HSCN will make it easier for staff across the health and care sector to work together and reduce duplication by enabling organisations to reuse and share existing services.

Cheaper connectivity compared to N3: Opening up a competitive marketplace promotes best value and quality of service, and enables organisations to place their resources where it matters most.

Standardised networks: Health and care organisations can connect to HSCN safe in the knowledge that only suppliers that comply with quality standards defined by NHS Digital are accredited to sell connections, ensuring the network’s security and resilience.

Simpler access to national apps and systems: HSCN will make it easier to access NHS Digital’s online tools, confirm NHS numbers, share care plans and access Summary Care Records.

Getting started:

NHS Digital has provided several approved ways for you to procure your HSCN connection, meaning you can choose the route that will provide the best outcome for your organisation.

KCOM is one of a small number of connectivity suppliers accredited by NHS Digital, so you can rest assured that you’re safe in our hands.

We can guide you safely through your procurement, whichever route works best for your organisation.

Visit our HSCN microsite for more advice and downloads to help you shape your HSCN strategy.

Or, call us today on 0345 122 4222 to talk through your options or drop us an email at hscn@kcom.com. We’ll help you understand your network requirements and identify the best procurement route for your needs.