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Zyxel AMG1302

The ZyXEL AMG1302-T10B featuring wireless N technology, provides the ultimate solution for speed and coverage. With a wireless speed of up to 300 Mbps, the AMG1302-T10B provides stable and reliable wireless connections for high-speed data and multimedia delivery, such as music and video streaming, or voice and video conferencing in the office environment. It eliminates wireless dead zones and extends coverage by using IEEE 802.11n technology, and is also backward compatible with any wireless B or G certified device. All ADSL routers include at least one free micro filter.



The ZyXEL VMG8324-B10A VDSL2 Wireless-N Fibre Broadband Router supports Vectoring technology that eliminates cross-talk or interference among different VDSL lines. With this mechanism, Vectoring significantly increases the bit rates to compete with cable/fibre technology as well as to enlarge the service coverage without changing your current infrastructure.

DrayTek Vigor 2760n (ADSL/FTTC)

Draytek 2760

The Vigor 2760 is a DSL router, ideal for your home or small office. It provides connectivity to your PCs or other internet-connected devices (laptops, tablets, games consoles, smartphones) via its built-in Gigabit Ethernet ports, or using Wireless LAN (on 'n' models). The firewall helps protect your network from external threats, as well as the Vigor2760's built-in content filtering which gives you control over what and when your local users can access or download. The Vigor 2760 series can alternatively connect to an Ethernet internet connection, such as that from a cable modem instead of connecting to a ADSL/VDSL line. Compatible 3G/4G (LTE) modems can also optionally be added to the USB port to provide backup or main internet connectivity without any fixed line.

For Wireless LAN usage, the Vigor2760n version supports multiple security methods, including strong encryption but also hardware-specific authorisation and selectable client isolation (from each other). Also available is the vigor 2760Vn which additionally provide two VoIP phone ports, giving you the equivalent of two extra voice phone lines to make and receive calls, either to other compatible VoIP users, or to/from regular phones/mobiles via a VoIP gateway.

The Vigor 2760 series is now based on the latest DrayOS platform, providing a familiar interface to most other DrayTek routers and the latest performance and feature enhancements. 

DrayTek Vigor 2830n (ADSL)

DrayTek 2830

The Vigor 2830 is one the latest generation of ADSL broadband router/firewall from Draytek and has been the winner of the PC Pro wireless router award for three years in a row. This latest series includes support for professional features such as VLAN tagging, Gigabit Ethernet and WiFi. The Vigor 2830's secondary WAN interface can be connected to other modems (e.g. a second ADSL or Fibre broadband line, or cable modem etc). All ADSL routers include at least 1 free micro filter.

DrayTek Vigor 2925n (FTTC - with a modem)

Drayek 2925

The Vigor 2925 series is a dual-Ethernet WAN router for load-balancing or failover. It's also a fully featured firewall, VPN concentrator and content filtering device. This latest router series includes support for professional features such as VLAN tagging, Gigabit Ethernet built-in wireless LAN. A 5-port Gigabit Ethernet switch on the LAN side provides high speed connectivity for your server, other local PCs or for uplink to a larger Ethernet switch. Comprehensive security features include content filtering, web application controls and an object based firewall management system.

Important notice: Please make sure that the router used (whether supplied by us or not) is compatible with your FTTC service and approved by Openreach. If incompatible hardware is used, an engineer will not be able to complete the installation and you may incur additional charges.

For a current list of approved hardware, please click here.

Hardware information: 

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