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Fixed Lines

How Fixed Lines will benefit your business:

Seamless migration: Move your existing services to us without any disruption to your business. Our quick and hassle-free migration maintains your business continuity.

Service reliability: Our fixed lines are highly resilient and come with an inclusive service care package to make sure that any potential issues are efficiently dealt with. They can also be used to provide a backup failsafe option to your main connectivity infrastructure where necessary.

Complete flexibility: Our voice line services can be upgraded to suit your needs with a range of extra features. Easily scale service by adding more lines as your business grows.

Total control: Access your account via our dedicated portal online. Easily manage your service by adding or removing features as and when you choose, view your usage and maintain your billing information.

How Fixed Lines work:

A high quality telephone connection is essential for business productivity. We offer two fixed line technologies to cater for both smaller and bigger businesses, whatever your requirements and make it as simple as possible to seamlessly switch your existing services over to us without any hassle. 

ISDN: A fully symmetrical digital service that allows you to send both voice and data simultaneously, our ISDN lines offer exceptional line quality and phone call clarity. For smaller businesses, we provide ISDN2 connections that can be used for 2-8 concurrent users. For larger businesses that have more users, our ISDN30 lines offer increased capacity and bandwidth to allow for up to 30 simultaneous calls. Each department and employee can have their own phone number with the ability to support an unlimited number of DDIs.

PSTN: A traditional analogue line that not only allows basic voice services, but also lets you access our range of Broadband and Bonded DSL solutions. We offer a selection of inclusive call minute options and a number of features that can be combined to fully tailor your service.

Nuisance calls

KCOM has a variety of methods to help combat nuisance calls on our PSTN and ISDN services, depending on the technology used to deliver the service.

If you're experiencing a high volume of nuisance calls on your fixed line(s) please contact us via provisioning@kcom.com or call 0345 122 4111. We'll need to know your business name, the telephone number(s) of the fixed lines involved and your contact details.


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