How SmartComms UC will benefit your business

Improve customer experience

Deal with call volumes more effectively and route calls to groups or individuals. Use Auto Attendant features to manage customer expectations and Caller ID to offer personalised greetings, while voicemails delivered to your email inbox mean you’ll never miss a message.

Reduce costs across your business

Remove the need for on-premise hardware and systems and the associated CAPEX and OPEX costs. Our convenient pay-as-you-go service is simple to budget for, with no line rental, cheaper call costs and completely free ‘on-net’ calls between all users on the service, no matter where in the world they are.

Work anytime, anywhere

With SmartComms UC, each user has a single number across multiple devices, so you'll never miss another call. Connecting multiple offices, onsite staff and remote workers under a single system means everyone has access to the same functionality, anytime, anywhere, so business continuity is never a concern.

A truly unified experience

Move into the world of Unified Communications and improve flexible working across your organisation. From working on shared documents to instant messaging, video calling and online meetings, SmartComms UC enables your teams to work together across locations and devices, as easily as if they were in the same room.

A service that grows with you

As a fully scalable cloud service, SmartComms UC means you’re no longer restricted by your physical infrastructure. If your business is growing and your workforce expanding, instantly add extra user licences to your service – no line installations necessary. Adding a new site? We can easily extend your service to include it.

Easy to manage, no expertise required

Our intuitive, self-service portal allows you to manage, monitor and make changes to your service at any time, from anywhere there’s an internet connection, without high levels of in-house technical knowhow. Configure your service, customise individual accounts and add or remove licences as your business needs change.

Proven service quality

SmartComms UC can be run over any network and offers built-in quality of service, security and resilience as standard, to protect the confidentiality and integrity of your data at all times. Our solution has been built using Broadsoft’s market-leading BroadWorks applications platform; used by many of the world’s leading telecommunications companies.

Built-in business continuity

With on-premise telephony, a fire, flood or even adverse weather could bring your communications to a halt. With SmartComms UC, your communications network remains safe and live at all times, allowing your teams to keep working and your business to keep running. And, to make things seamless from the start, you can even keep your existing numbers when moving to our service.

Watch our short SmartComms UC video to find out more:

Save time, save money and prepare for the future

Customer experience is the biggest differentiator in today’s competitive landscape. If you get it right, your customers become your biggest advocates.

SmartComms UC is our secure, robust and flexible unified communications service. It reduces costs, promotes flexible working and improves customer experience by letting you transfer calls between users and devices, wherever they are, so that every call can be answered.

SmartComms UC makes sure every customer has a welcoming experience and helps you stay ahead of your competitors.

Support that makes sense

One point of contact, one bill for easy budgeting, 100% compatibility between all the services you purchase from us and peace of mind that your services are actively managed.

Get up and running with ease

We’ll work closely with you every step of the way; from understanding your current working environment and setup, to advising on the best end-to-end migration process with the least impact for your business and users.

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