Ease the burden of PCI DSS compliance

If your business takes card payments by phone, you’ll be aware of the need to process card data in line with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards).

However, maintaining and proving compliance can be costly, difficult and time-consuming, exposing your organisation to the risk of financial, legal and reputational penalties.

Ease the burden with Secure phone payments from KCOM, which prevents sensitive card data from entering your systems and removes your business environment out of scope for PCI monitoring and audits.

How Secure Phone Payments will benefit your business

Descope your business environment from PCI DSS controls

Reduce your organisation’s scope for PCI monitoring and audits, so you can focus time, money and attention on the things you do best. Our service could also help you avoid financial penalties for breaches and increases in merchant fees for non-compliance.

Protect your brand and eliminate customer concerns

With customers increasingly reluctant to read out their payment card details to agents, our solution helps you to overcome their reservations and increase brand trust and reputation.

Reduce call handling times and lost transactions

Our failsafe system makes paying for goods and services by phone straightforward and quick, improving the calling experience for both customer and agent and reducing the volume of transactions lost to error.

Create a flexible, multi-site workforce

Secure phone payments supports both on-premise and IP-based phone systems, so whichever setup your organisation has, and whether your agents are based at a call centre or remote locations, the solution can be configured to meet your individual needs.

Integrate easily with your PSP and CRM systems

Create joined-up systems by integrating Secure phone payments with leading payment services providers (PSPs) and tokenisers (TSPs). Further agent control options include a virtual terminal launched by your business system (e.g. CRM, booking system), SOAP API, iframe embedded in your web app and hosted payment page integrations.

Quick to deploy, fully supported

When we’ve scoped out your needs, the solution is quick and relatively easy to deploy; you can be up and running in a matter of days. And once you’ve been setup, you’ll be supported by a 99.99% SLA-backed managed service.

Low upfront and monthly costs

With a single setup fee and low operating costs, our solution’s per-licence subscription model is easy to budget for and manage.

What makes our service different?

Your customers enter their payment card details mid-call with an agent, using their phone keypad (DTMF). Our solution masks the tones in a process known as DTMF masking, and then automatically sends the data to your payment services provider (PSP) for processing.

Your agents aren’t shown the data and are only shown the transaction result in real-time.

In addition, our solution has a compelling, patented feature that overcomes the limitations of competing services and completely de-risks your business environment from capturing card data.

Integrates with KCOM voice services

Secure Phone Payments is designed to integrate with our Inbound Call Management platform for inbound calls where card payments are taken.

For both inbound and outbound calls where card payments are taken, SmartComms UC, SIP Trunks and our Phone Line services combine with Secure Phone Payments to give you a
fully-featured telephony solution from a single provider.

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