How phone lines will benefit your business

Seamless migration to keep you talking

Move your existing services to us without any disruption to your business. Our quick and hassle-free migration maintains your business continuity.

Reliable service as standard

Our Phone Lines are highly resilient and come with an inclusive service care package to make sure any potential issues are dealt with efficiently. They can also be used to provide a failsafe backup option to your main connectivity infrastructure where necessary.

Complete flexibility to adapt as your business changes

Our voice line services can be upgraded to suit your needs with a range of extra features, and you can easily scale up your service by adding more lines as your business grows.

Total, always-on control over your service

Access your account via our dedicated portal online. You can easily manage your service by adding or removing features as and when you choose, view your usage and maintain your billing information.

Start your journey to cloud communication with KCOM

In 2025, the UK's traditional fixed line network is being switched off.

Whether you're already preparing for the end of ISDN and PSTN, we have the expertise and experience to guide you on your journey to cloud communication and help you find the right migration approach for your organisation.

We'll be there to support you, from initial consultation, solution design and implementation to in-life maintenance and security updates.

What's more, migrating from traditional voice to SIP Gateway doesn't have to mean losing the value of your existing PBX investments. A hybrid solution can keep your teams talking on the hardware they're already used to, until you and they are ready to take further steps forward.

We're here to support you whatever pace of change is right for your organisation. Let's start a conversation and kick off your journey to cloud communications.

Nuisance calls

KCOM has a variety of methods to help combat nuisance calls on our PSTN and ISDN services, depending on the technology used to deliver the service.

If you're experiencing a high volume of nuisance calls on your phone line(s) please contact us via or call 0345 122 4111. We'll need to know your business name, the telephone number(s) of the affected line(s) and your contact details.

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