How Inbound Call Management will benefit your business

More than a simple call routing engine

Our feature-rich service gives you complete control of your inbound services and the ability to truly deliver on your customer service promises. Enjoy a wealth of call features including routing, queueing, recording, hunt group, multi-level IVR and blacklisting/whitelisting.

Get up and running quickly with straightforward setup

Our fully network-based service requires no on-premise hardware, significantly reducing setup time. With simple routing plans your service can be up and running in a matter of days, while more complex needs can be met by designing more advanced routing plans.

Easily manage with our flexible, intuitive portal

Build and configure your service to your unique needs with our powerful online portal and a range of standard and advanced calling features. Add in your own individual routing plans on a per-number basis. and make changes easily at the click of a button.

Low provisioning and running costs

Setting up and running on-premise inbound call solutions can be costly, but our simple pricing structure removes a lot of unnecessary costs. That means no CAPEX, no annual support or maintenance charges, and the chance to reduce overheads like office space and training costs.

Accessible anytime, anywhere

Remote portal access to your inbound contact centre removes hardware restraints and frees up your business or organisation to work flexibly, removing geographical barriers to recruitment. The service is fully supported by the most commonly used desktop browsers for instant access and full functionality, exactly when you need it.

Resilience and reliability for peace of mind

As a carrier-class, network-based platform, Inbound Call Management has no single point of failure and is both logically and geographically resilient. With 99.99% availability, backed by robust SLAs for our core inbound services, you can be confident that your inbound call handling is in safe hands.

Business continuity built-in

Create many types of disaster recovery plans, to keep customers happy when the pressure’s on. Power outage at your main office? Call agents can’t get to their fixed location? Struggling to handle surges in call volumes? Our service makes sure every call gets through, helping to protect revenue and ensuring every customer feels valued.

Keep perfecting your inbound calling experience with actionable insight

Our reporting engine tells you all you need to know, helping you continually enhance and perfect your inbound calling experience. View calls per inbound number or per agent, when agents are logged in, whether they’re engaged on inbound or outbound calls, which campaigns they’re working on and more.

Get customer service right every time

Customer service is a vital area to get right for any business. If the experience doesn't deliver on expectations, dissatisfaction and lost revenue can easily follow.

For that reason, inbound calling is at the heart of many organisations' operations, as a direct link to their customers.

With Inbound Call Management, you can begin managing your customers’ experience before their calls even reach your PBX, helping you deliver a robust and seamless customer service.

Even when you’re at your busiest, Inbound Call Management will help your customers feel prioritised and valued.

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