Disaster recovery

Disaster Recovery is a conundrum for most organisations. You can’t be without it, but paying out huge sums for a system that lies dormant feels like a waste of investment. PCCC is ideal for this scenario. It takes only a small outlay to set the system up, and then the true consumption model means you pay next to nothing until you need to use it. There is no delay for invocation as the public cloud technology means it is always there, just waiting until you need it.

  • Get your agents onboarded with a simple set of instructions, from any location
  • Competitive up-front cost and minimal ongoing costs until it is needed
  • Getting a system setup is quick and invoking it is even quicker
  • A dormant system requires very little management


Automatic call deflection 

Two of the biggest tasks that organisations face with their contact centres is agent efficiency and time to resolution. Improving these things can lead to massive savings for your business, and even help drive growth and revenue. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is through automation - taking mundane tasks away from agents, allowing them to concentrate on important issues, while also allowing customers to get the answers they need quickly.

Automated Call Deflection using KCOM PCCC allows your customers to ask their most pressing questions using natural language and get a response almost immediately. Perfect for dealing with high volumes of regular questions and scaling your capability without adding seats.

  • Reduce your cost per call dramatically for simple, high volume questions
  • Easily add new scenarios to expand scope and gain further efficiencies
  • Gain data from your customers interactions and use this to tune the system for even greater gains
  • Has an issue caused a sudden influx of calls? No problem, your solution scales with you


Proof of value

Undertake a proof of value engagement with KCOM to show how PCCCs can solve business issues quickly. We will help you identity a use case within your contact environment, and then produce and deliver a solution for it. You can run it for a long or as little as you like, only paying for what you use.

  • Understand customer contact in the public cloud
  • Use results to inform strategy and investment
  • Measurable proof of how Public Cloud Contact can help
  • Kick start the journey to a production system

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