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Hybrid Cloud

Combine the bespoke, cost effective nature of our private cloud with the latest features of the public Azure platform and seamlessly manage under one service. Easy to integrate into your current setup, with the flexibility to change and scale to your business needs, our secure Hybrid Cloud service offers a completely new way to manage your cloud estate.

Have full control over the running of your service, or alternatively let us manage everything for you as a true outsourced partner. We can also provide a full end-to-end solution including connectivity and telephony – one service, one bill, one contact for all your support needs.

How Hybrid Cloud will benefit your business:

Combine your public and private clouds under a single portal - traditionally, deciding on a mix of private and public cloud servers added complexity to the management of each running in their individual silos. Our Hybrid Cloud service does away with this headache, allowing you to view, access and manage all of your cloud services through a single portal. Streamline your processes and move between private and public cloud zones in an instant, increasing your business agility. 

Self-manage or let us manage for you - our fully managed service allows you to spend less time and resources on IT operations within your business. We take care of all setup and changes to your Hybrid Cloud service, from creating and modifying resources, to pro-actively monitoring, patching and backing up the service. Our experts are always on hand to shape your service to your requirements.

If you prefer to have more in-house control over your service, our unmanaged offering gives you master user account access to our Hybrid Cloud portal where you can create, modify and delete resources as you require. We will still provide support for the overall technical nature of the service. Choose a combination of both services to cover different VMs – managed for business critical zones and un-managed for test environments.

Easily integrate and grow your service - a single outbound API means that integration into your back office systems is simple, seamless and can be done just once for all of your private and public cloud servers. We offer a range of pre-configured public cloud servers as well as fully bespoke private cloud options that can be added to your service as and when you need them. There is no need for any physical CAPEX deployments meaning little risk to your business.

Maintain secure control - the security of your public and private cloud environments is vital to your business, that’s why our Hybrid Cloud solution gives you the necessary controls to keep your infrastructures secure. Safely deploy virtual machines, create and attach storage volumes, manage IP addresses, firewalls, load balancers and VLANs.

Powerful role-based controls integrate with your existing Active Directory or other LDAP-compliant services to define who has access to different areas of your cloud infrastructure. Choose to host your data in a global region of your choice with Azure or confine it solely to the UK with our private cloud.

Gain valuable insight over your cloud estate - not only does our Hybrid Cloud service combine your private and public cloud servers, it also allows you full visibility over their usage. From processor and memory capacity to storage, networking and template details, these can all be tracked on an hourly basis. Pre-configured and bespoke alarms can also be set up to alert you to any situation you require.

In addition to this, our service also provides full data monitoring and user access logging to satisfy your internal and external governance and compliance reporting needs.

Please download our product brochure for more information.

If you are interested in purchasing our Hybrid Cloud solution for your business, please give our Sales Team a call on 0345 122 4222 and we will be happy to discuss your options. 



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