5 top tips for blog writing

Always plan your blog, jot down the points you want to raise and conduct your research.

Make a statement with an eye catching headline that is informative and brief.

Don’t be afraid to use images, diagrams and other content to help explain ideas, add humour or hammer home a point, just keep them relevant.

Be unique. Never just copy an existing blog. It can damage your SEO and land you in hot water for plagiarising.

Get it proof read. It’s good to get a second perspective and spot any errors. Don’t be afraid to edit and cut or add where required.

Blog 1: Managing customer experience

Explore why customer experience is important in general and drill down into a particular vertical or sector if applicable.

Add in some facts and figures

study found that by the year 2020,customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator*

84 percent of organisations working to improve CX report an increase in revenue**

86 percent of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience***

Look at how customer experience relates to inbound call traffic and provide a customer scenario such as “Unable to deliver the level of customer service they would like and seeing growing negative feedback and customer churn rates.”

Provide examples of how Myriad is able to assist

give your customers the best caller experience

enhance professional image with call features

customers get through to the right person every time

right skills to the right calls with skills-based routing


* Walker 2013
** Dimensions data 2018
*** Temkin Group

Blog 2: Managing varying call rates in peak

Explore the scenarios for customers where the above applies

seasonal peaks such as Christmas

peak time such as 8.30-9.30am for a doctors surgery

one offs like a university at clearing or a florist at Valentines day

Explore the impact that a lack of coverage could cause

Discuss the importance of never missing an incoming call

Demonstrate key features of Myriad that fix this

can sit above your PBX and logs every attempted call

load-balancing during peak periods

resilient SLA-backed DR solution

Blog 3: Fully understand your call patterns

Discuss what information is lacking with regards to their inbound calls.

who they’re from

how many

when they come in

what they relate to

Explore the impact and how this relates to

customer service

resource management

income lost

Explore the real-time call data and service metrics available in Myriad dashboards and how having that data can help you make your business more dynamic.