Single Order Generic Ethernet Access (SOGEA) is the next generation of data connectivity. Voice services have been removed from the line, providing a data only connection without a PSTN service and making the connection ready for BT’s PSTN switch off in 2025.

What is SoGEA?

A data-only broadband solution that is provisioned on a single order

Does not include voice services or a WLR/MPF line

Voice can be provided as an Over The Top (OTT) service

Based on the current FTTC technology, using a combination of copper and fibre technology, without requiring a traditional telephony connection.


Current broadband services are reliant on WLR to deliver the service.

Separate voice and broadband services are delivered to a property.

If the WLR service is ceased the broadband is also ceased.


With next generation services like SoGEA and FTTP, WLR is no longer required.

Data services are delivered to the property with voice delivered using IP as an OTT service if it’s required,
saving you money and time.

How will SoGEA will benefit your business?

Equal speeds to FTTC

Costs and installation times are lower than Ethernet-based connectivity technologies

Future-proof connectivity to prepare your customers for the PSTN withdrawal

Available to 28 million UK premises

Easy migration journeys

Simple to sell and simple to support


SoGEA is available as 40:10 and 80:20 services, at 100Gb and unmetered and there are 2 installation options – standard managed install and premium managed install

Standard managed install

When carrying out a Managed install the engineer will do the work required to uplift the network where necessary, including resolving any issues in the home.

Tasks will include

Upgrade to NTE5c
Fit Service Specific Faceplate (SSFP) where required
Ensure customer wiring to NTE meets Openreach standards
Connect CP router (next to the NTE)*

* only available for routers that conform to BT MCT standards

Premium managed install

If you order premium site visits, in addition to the Standard managed install elements the engineer can carry out all of the below activities, if required.

Tasks will include

Enhance the in-home environment – including, if required;
repositioning the customer router and moving the NTE
Carry out WIFI analysis*
Add a data extension kit
Connect and demonstrate up to 2 devices

* only available for routers that conform to BT MCT standards