FTTP uses a full-fibre connection and offers speeds reaching 330mbps.

The FTTP product uses fibre infrastructure and provides an alternative solution to SoGEA. FTTP and SoGEA seek to complement each other and as a result, SoGEA and FTTP may both be available within an individual exchange area, but each set of premises will generally only be served by one product or the other.

How will FTTP benefit your customers?

Increased Speed and Reliability – Up to 80Mb download and 20Mb upload speeds. Perfect for hosted server access or cloud applications.

Host Multiple Users – Large enough bandwidth to cater for multiple users simultaneously. Multiple free static IP addresses included as standard.

Enhanced Control – Personalised access to your own connection management portal. View real-time diagnostics, bandwidth allocation and bill maintenance.

Improved Performance – Ideal for supporting high-bandwidth applications such as video, VoIP and large data transfers. Access and run business critical applications more effectively.

How will FTTP will benefit your business?

Quick Provisioning – We aim to install and have connections up and running within 10 days from an order being placed.

Network Options – UK-wide network, providing connectivity using the 21CN network where possible. Choose from an unmetered or usage based service.

Resourceful Partner Portal – Full access to campaign support, product collateral and training materials.

UK-based Support – Dedicated account management and professional services support tailored to your business needs.