KCOM allows us to monitor comprehensively and add value to our connections. Customers say they feel secure that they are being well looked after because they know it’s all being managed for them.

Jim Taylor, Cobalt Communications

Who are Cobalt?

Cobalt Communication Solutions Ltd specialise in voice and data, and have been successfully reselling the full range of KCOM connectivity products to small and large businesses across the South West for more than two years.

On choosing KCOM

“We discovered that no other provider could beat KCOM on service. The most important thing to us as an IT company is not just to provide a service, but to effectively manage that service, diagnose faults and proactively support our customers.

"To do that we need to have great backup with someone who understands the industry – like KCOM. KCOM sit head and shoulders above the rest in the ISP market because of this great support, but also because of the access they provide to their unique software: Sentinel.”

On KCOM service

“The support the teams at KCOM give me and my business is exceptional. Speed and accessibility are the two biggest factors for us, and it’s so quick and simple to get through to the technical support guys.

"Other ISPs have made it a logistical nightmare trying to get through to the correct person – but at KCOM, I dial a direct number and speak straight away to a professional. Each member of the team is technically able, knowledgeable and quick – my problems get resolved in good time and I trust the teams to know how to help me every time.”

On Bonded DSL

“Bonded DSL is a really innovative solution for rural areas waiting for fibre. We have clients suffering from slow broadband speeds but using data-heavy applications. Before we discovered Bonded DSL, the only alternatives were Leased Lines – dreadfully expensive – or load balancing, which doesn’t improve upload or download capacity.

"Bonded DSL gives our customers up to four times faster speeds, and it’s a great product to fill the gap in the market until good broadband speeds arrive in these areas."

On Sentinel

“Being able to view all our connections on one page means we can work more proactively than reactively. Sentinel is so crucial to our business, we keep the dashboard open all day in the office, and if a customers’ connection is down for more than a few minutes, we make a call to tell them we’re onto it. Often they haven’t even realised, and this sort of quick service means they really have faith in us. None of our local competitors can be as quick off the mark, and no other providers offer something like Sentinel. It allows us to provide a premium service. We don’t just stick a router in the box and send it."