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New Pay-as-you-go Cloud Contact Centre

New Pay-as-you-go Cloud Contact Centre

by KCOM Marketing | 8 Feb 2016

New Pay-as-you-go Cloud Contact Centre

Professionalism and efficiency are the two things customers want when they engage with your contact centre. To help make this an affordable reality for small and mid-sized businesses, or departments within larger organisations, KCOM has launched a pay-as-you-go hosted contact centre solution that prioritises straightforward implementation and pricing flexibility.

“We’re making the latest enterprise level innovation available to all businesses and making it affordable by enabling customers to only pay for the elements they most value, whilst ensuring it is easy to implement and integrate with existing systems.  Above all though, our hosted contact centre solution is totally focused on providing a great customer and colleague experience.” says Pete Tomlinson, Director at KCOM.

Built to deliver multi-channel contact into a mobile workforce, KCOM’s solution comes complete with loads of useful features including self-serve IVR, advanced call queueing, call recording, screen popping, full scripting engine, real-time wallboards and powerful outbound dialler capabilities with multimedia support for voice, email, SMS and chat, all to increase the efficiency of customer facing teams. It is also PCI compliment, ISO 27001 accredited and hosted out of resilient UK datacentres.

Businesses of all sizes are putting customer relationships at the heart of their strategy, driving the need to adopt a professional, digital approach to customer contact.  With every situation being unique, it is also important to work with customers and tailor services to their specific needs, including being able to scale up or down, depending on seasonality or how business is going.

“Contact centres are essential across a wide range of sectors. Get it right and you’ll drive customer loyalty through the roof, get it wrong and you’ll drive customers into the arms of your competitors. The KCOM solutions helps you get it right.” concludes Pete Tomlinson.