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Eclipse launches cloud Backup

Eclipse launches cloud Backup

by KCOM Marketing | 4 Jun 2013

Eclipse launches cloud Backup

The ever increasing need to stay connected, not just to each other but also to our data and business applications, has led to us working wherever we are and on whatever device we choose.  Recognising this, Eclipse’s strategy to provide new, intuitive ways of working in the cloud starts today as they announce the launch of their first service under the Eclipse Cloud portfolio: Backup.

The Eclipse Backup service is designed to provide intuitive and responsive access to your data, via a simple subscription based service. This could be from your office, laptop or mobile device. With a number of different service solutions, ranging from single user to 1,000 user packages, Eclipse Backup enables businesses of all sizes to select the right mix of solutions to suit their business needs.

“The way that we live and do business has changed with the shift from buying expensive products in a onetime transaction so they can sit in the corner of an office, towards using shared services, as part of an on-going relationship with partners that offer a great service. At their best, cloud service models support this new way of working,” comments Pete Tomlinson, Director of Sales and Marketing at Eclipse.

“Replacing expensive, on premise equipment and software with cloud services can help enable businesses to grow, and at Eclipse, we are extremely excited to be able to provide our customers with a backup solution that offers so much more flexibility than traditional services – you can even access up to 30 previous versions of a document you’ve been working on. Whether we are talking about connectivity, communication tools or applications, Eclipse are dedicated to giving our customers a better customer experience.”

Eclipse Backup is available now to customers and includes an introductory offer of the first month of the service being free.

Eclipse are partnering with Mozy, part of EMC, to deliver these new cloud backup services.