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Here you will find an overview of the Ofcom regulations coming into effect and how they will specifically affect KCOM customers and their services.

For more general information on the regulations themselves, please visit the Ofcom website - www.ofcom.org.uk 

GPL NoT process

When does it come into effect?: 20th June 2015

Which KCOM customer services does it affect?: Partners and resellers

Ofcom will shortly be implementing a Gaining Provider Led (GPL), also known as Notification of Transfer (NoT), process for all Broadband services in the UK, to replace the current MAC process. This is designed to mirror the current process used for Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) orders.

Click here - for more information on how this will affect your business and what actions you need to take.

Click here - to visit the Ofcom website for further information on the GPL NoT process. 

Non-geographic call services 

When does it come into effect?: 1st July 2015

Which KCOM customer services does it affect?: All businesses

Ofcom is introducing a new tariff structure for 08 (business rate), 09 (premium rate) and 118 (directory enquiries) numbers. This will involve splitting and making transparent to consumers the money that is paid:

    • to their phone company
    • to cover the costs of routing and managing the non-geographic numbers

And the cost of:

    • receiving the call service; and, where this occurs, payment for the service the consumer is receiving.

Click here - to visit the Ofcom website for further information.

Click here - to visit the UK Calling website and find out more on the new NGCS tariffs. 

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