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Visions from Comms Vision

Visions from Comms Vision

11/11/2015 11:30 by Sarah Bailey
Marketing Campaigns Manager

Do you ever find that the odd day out of the office at a conference, seminar or event can deliver triple the thought provoking insight than reading a bunch of online articles and white papers can do in a week?!

As platinum sponsor of Comms Vision last week, it was really interesting to understand the challenges and concerns faced by the channel today as a result of the digitalisation of this industry. Topics touched on at Comms Vision included the digital dilemma – how disruptive products and ‘Unicorns’ (the term of the day for a successful new start up) are now ‘changing the game’ and business owners really need to look at the way in which they engage with their customers in order to continue success.

By exploiting the many digital platforms now available to companies of all sizes, organisations can nurture long term, sustainable relationships and move away from one off transactional interactions. It also became clear over the two days that end users are expecting a much more consultative approach from their suppliers today.  The channel specifically has the perfect opportunity to monetise their knowledge in this way.

Speakers included Andrew Lippman, Associate Director of MIT Media Lab who discussed the impact disruptive companies such as AirBnB and Uber have had on the industry recently, by transforming social practises online and moving away from the traditional personal meeting. Society drives technology today, not us the suppliers of it; we’re simply the custodians – as Andrew so eloquently put it.

It was also boldly stated how being connected is now a human right, no longer just a privilege. Businesses may help technology shift and change, but it's people who conceive better and faster ways of doing things and it’s that need that drives the transformation we see on an almost daily basis. If you look at your product set today – how would you improve it? How would you modernise it for tomorrow's customer needs? How can your products be innovative? If you’re not frequently asking yourself those questions, your competitors will be. If you take the initiative to disrupt your own product set by listening to your customers and continuously improving – the risk of being disrupted by a competitor is reduced. It’s a case of fight or be beaten, lead or be left behind.

Our very own Pete Tomlinson also gave a keynote on how the subscription economy is feeding this focus onto relationships, sharing insight we’d received from speaking to 150 IT Directors. Pete concluded that your customers probably already know what technology they want to adopt, but it’s the how that they need you for – become the trusted advisor, be personal and approachable and a long term meaningful relationship will soon evolve.

It was a great few days and of course a beautiful setting to catch up with existing partners and meet some new ones too. I know we are all busy and slaves to our inbox, our phones, our targets – but when you can, say yes to that conference, breakfast seminar or round table and I’m certain you won’t regret it.Petecommsvisionsmall

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