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To blog or not to blog… that is the question

To blog or not to blog… that is the question

02/04/2015 11:00 by Ruth Speakman
PR & Comms Manager

Welcome to the Eclipse blog!  We promise to try our best to keep you both educated and entertained, but we’re new to this so please bear with us.  You may know how hard it is to write for corporate blogs in a work environment.  You’ve probably seen blog posts where the writer has looked for inspiration from marketing messages; the result is often thinly veiled sales copy where the writer has their boss rather than the reader in mind.

So who is the reader?  You.  Yes, you there… reading this now.  How you doing?

We reckon you probably work in IT or have an interest in technology.  You’re either project managing some kind of migration, looking to take your business to the next level with the latest technologies or you may even work for us.  You might be selling our products and services to your own clients or supplying us with the products and services that we need to give our customers what they want.  Whoever you are, welcome!  Contributors will come from all over our business and they’ve all committed to do their best to hold your attention and share thoughts that may be useful to you.   Sometimes we’ll be writing for you but sometimes we’ll just be blowing off steam, chewing the fat or simply navel gazing (from an industry perspective of course!)  We are a happy bunch here at Eclipse but hopefully that won’t keep us from being thought provoking or irreverent.  Please feel free to let us know how we’re doing.

One of the things that attracted me to Eclipse (I’ve only been here four months) was the mission to keep things easy and enjoyable.  I’ve spent a career in high-tech PR watching people hide behind technical jargon and engineering features (hard and soft) so a company that commits to putting in the extra work to keep things simple and straightforward without talking down to its employees and customers gets my vote.

See, I’ve veered into the salesy.  It’s hard for a marketing person like me not to.  Just like it’s hard for technical people not to lose themselves in acronyms or management types not to rely on buzzwords.  We can only promise to keep it real, as it were, and hope you keep reading…

Thanks for coming.  We hope to see you here again soon.

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