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The office to anywhere

22/04/2015 10:21 by Nick Shepperd
Product Manager - Connectivity

I joined Eclipse eight years ago and worked initially on our support desk, it was a simpler world where broadband had just gone 24 Mb, everyone had PCs and mobile working really wasn’t even considered.

The support was simple and the product was about getting you connected to the internet. The customer sat at a desk, connected to a DSL modem (remember those!) and was more than happy with 250kbps or 500kbps for browsing the Internet.

Fast forward eight years and I now work in the product team at Eclipse and I see how far we have come along with the industry.  The Internet is no longer a nice to have, speeds are heading towards 1Gig and downtime is not acceptable in any market.  The customer is a different animal too.  They no longer just sit at a PC in an office but work on the road or at home using a variety of applications and devices for both work and play.

The question for us is how do you offer a seamless connectivity solution and mobile offering across multiple suppliers? How can you support document management, device management securely and simply to the end user?

The answer I believe is simple. It’s about building the right relationships with the correct suppliers to deliver a seamless experience, taking your working life from your office, into your home and out onto a mobile network with no change to how work is done.

That’s my key challenge for 2015 - to bring together all the expertise we’ve gathered over the past 20 years and partner with the best suppliers to deliver a truly mobile solution to our customers.  

The traditional telecoms-only industry is a thing of the past.  Those left selling broadband and lines will drop into a race to the bottom for price and quality will go with it (which we have all seen in the consumer market).  Solution providers who diversify and offer companies a solution to their business problems will deliver success for themselves and the customer.

I would love to hear about the challenges you face this year whether that’s speed of connectivity, moving into hosted voice or delivering a mobile workforce, feel free to drop me an email at nshepperd@eclipse.net.uk

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