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The cloud allows me to rest

The cloud allows me to rest

12/08/2015 10:52 by Ruth Speakman
PR & Comms Manager

restsaid no IT person ever... One of the things that we battle with at Eclipse is how to sell products to IT managers that will, if you follow the ‘off-premise’ and ‘cost saving’ messaging, lead to one ultimate conclusion, remove the need for IT managers in the first place.

What we need to be clear on is that the cost savings brought by cloud computing isn’t from removing the need for onsite support, it’s removing the opportunity cost of hiring for new, more pressing IT skill sets.

Cloud won’t replace IT managers but it should free them up to adapt more readily to the modern workplace.  It’s a common mistake that technology makes our life easier.  It doesn’t.  It provides us with increased productivity.  Once one time-consuming problem is solved, the time saved isn’t spent resting, it’s spent tackling the next problem.  That’s how successful organisations improve and succeed.

Computer Business Review recently reported that organisations are lacking skilled staff to secure mobile environments and deal with threats, despite growing security attacks.  BYOD continues to confound most companies and the data requirements of every department in most organisations is driving demands on the IT team like never before.  Let’s face it, traditional roles are changing, developing, evolving.  (Chris Edwards gives some interesting examples in his blog here.) 

The cloud provides a huge opportunity for IT managers to have the time and space to tackle the ‘next problem’ in their organisation.  Savvy employers will be offering enhanced training, funded learning and the opportunities to specialise in new technologies, security or cross departmental expertise.

As in any profession, the smart IT guys and girls are honing their skills for what’s next – mobility, security, the Internet of Things and more acronyms than you can shake a stick at.  And bloody good luck to them because arguably, more than any other humans, they’re the ones that keep our organisations moving.

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