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SMBs - Would you buy your old kit for €57b?

SMBs - Would you buy your old kit for €57b?

14/09/2015 09:30 by Sarah Bailey
Marketing Campaigns Manager

It has to be time to invest when you hear that 1 in 4 small businesses across Europe have lost income due to out of date equipment, totalling 57 billion Euros. According to the 2015 GE Capital Capex Barometer – a timely gauge of investment and employment intentions of SME business leaders across the world over the coming 12 months, upgrading existing equipment to enhance efficiency and productivity is once again the single biggest reason for investment for European small businesses (48%).

Can this come as a surprise? The way we operate as employees has changed and we now find ourselves carrying on average 2.9 devices, logging in to multiple web portals to access information and sending outrageous amounts of data up to the computer in the sky – right around the clock. As we all know, 9-5 is no longer prime time in the business world!

Therefore demands on a company’s infrastructure has no doubt increased and what might have coped 5 years ago, will be starting to come under strain in the next 5 years, if it hasn’t already.

As a small business you have a lot of technology demands to juggle, but by investing in the right foundations and the best possible equipment you can, you’ll benefit in many ways, including:

  1. Improved customer experience – give customers what they want, when they want it. Whether through data analytics, marketing automation or in-store wifi – you can ensure your customers keep coming back to you.
  2. Increased employee retention – your employees are also consumers and they use technology outside of work too. Don’t let their work environment become outdated and inefficient, leading to staff frustration.
  3. Not only can the above two factors lead to an amplified competitive edge but also adopting technology early can put your business in an advantageous position in the eyes of your customers.

So whether you’re looking to support mobilisation and collaboration with Office 365 or you’re considering your disaster recovery options with a hosted backup solution –new investments in infrastructure to support these changes can not only increase your productivity but they can also future proof your company’s growth. 

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