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Money Off Free Stuff

Money Off Free Stuff

23/06/2015 11:46 by Nick Shepperd
Product Manager - Connectivity

As a product manager, I work closely with our marketing department.  They’re a talented bunch but I think they’ve missed a trick.  You see there’s a great scheme on at the moment; the Government’s Superfast Connected Cities Voucher Scheme where your business could get a connection voucher worth up to £3,000 towards faster connectivity.

If you want to upgrade your dedicated internet access services to say FTTC, EoFTTC, EFM or Fibre Ethernet Leased Lines, you could be eligible for a money-off connection voucher.

The thing is that we offer free installation and activation on our FTTC product so there’s no need for a voucher.  You wouldn’t be eligible for a money-off connection voucher because it didn’t cost you a penny!  It doesn’t seem fair somehow.  We’re missing out on the opportunity to shout about our FTTC because our deal is so good, it makes the voucher unnecessary. 

Of course we’re shouting about how you can use these connection vouchers on our other connectivity products.  If you haven’t seen it click here.   But is it wrong of me to want credit for a deal that, you could argue, saves tax payer money? Maybe a personal thank you from David Cameron is in order…

Probably not.

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