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Lost in the noise of UC and me toos!

Lost in the noise of UC and me toos!

28/07/2015 08:05 by Nick Shepperd
Product Manager - Connectivity

A big part of the role of a Product Manager is gaining market insight and this means getting out of the office and meeting customers, suppliers and attending conferences. I recently attended UC Expo with Tom (our Cloud Product Manager) and although it was an interesting event with good suppliers, meetings and seminars it got me thinking about how cluttered the UC market is, actually the entire technology solutions market!

Pretty much every single supplier there was selling the same product, with the same promise and was lost in a world of “me too” propositions.

You could happily swap one logo on one stand for another and not see any difference. It led me to thinking about Eclipse’s propositions and how we can better communicate the value of the product without listing a page of tired old marketing lines.

The best answer I’ve found is simply talking to customers and suppliers about how they use our products.  Less talk of 99.9% SLAs and more discussion of how Eclipse services enable their business. It’s amazing how much you learn by picking up the phone or jumping in the car.

This thinking has led me to believe it’s all about culture and relationships with suppliers and customers. You need to work together and part of that is being a good cultural fit. It’s something Eclipse has grown to do very well over the past 20 years and something I remind myself of daily when thinking about how best to support our customers.

And that approach seems to be paying off.  I was recently talking to a channel partner who was nice enough to say that Eclipse has a reputation built on trust and reliability, and that carries more weight than price.  That trust comes from the personalities of the people at Eclipse and their ability to deliver what they say they will.  I also think that the fact we genuinely get along with most of our customers is a big part of it too.

So forget the SLA, the customer experience quotes, and find a vendor who talks your language and fits well with your ethos!

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