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Lattes or an agile business?

Lattes or an agile business?

15/06/2015 10:17 by Helena Belcher
Head of Marketing

There’s no shortage of statistics out there about connectivity take up and especially fibre rollouts across UK businesses, but one statistic I heard recently really took my breath away and made me rethink everything I thought I knew about marketing to SMEs.

Apparently 18% of SMEs are struggling to justify the cost of moving from ADSL to Fibre, even when it’s available in their area. Now if you look at our broadband propositions, there are no upfront setup costs and only a £15 difference in monthly cost; but a world of difference in opportunity. 80 Mbps download speeds replace a maximum of 20 Mbps; 20 Mbps upload speeds replace a maximum of 1.2 Mbps; imagine how much more responsive and agile this would make your business.

As consumers we can’t wait to get the fastest speeds possible to stream TV, download music, play games online or surf the net; as businesses we should be just as impatient to gain access to cloud technologies, backup our data, use online collaboration tools or search the internet superfast. So why aren’t we?

Well, it got me thinking… most forward-thinking businesses are looking to increase their connectivity speeds, but if money is a sticking point, let’s break it down…  What do you buy for just over a tenner  that doesn’t deliver measureable impact? Here are some of my suggestions for moving your business onto the next level of connectivity speed:

  • Change your daily latte from Costa to McDonalds
  • Ask your team to bring their own doughnuts to the team meeting
  • Downgrade a bottle of Champagne to Prosecco for that sales celebration
  • Bring your own lunch rather than buy from your local sandwich shop once a week

Let’s be honest £15 really isn’t that much for a business to find each month. And once the money’s found and the connection is in, the cost-savings of cloud applications, hosted voice and subscription-based services claw it back in no time at all.

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