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Face to Face, From Event to Event

Face to Face, From Event to Event

03/11/2015 03:32 by Sarah Bailey
Marketing Campaigns Manager

Image result for face to face communicationAs a marketer I fundamentally get the benefit of keeping "front of your mind' with your customers  through a variety of formats: email, adverts, social networks and that unfortunately rare form of communication; direct mail.  (Receiving a gift in the post genuinely makes me feel special – might be saying more about me than direct mail but, anyway I digress…)  These are all very important platforms through which to promote your business and communicate to your customers the ways in which you can help them grow. However, I still truly believe no matter how personalised and automated and connected we become through these channels – nothing can beat a good old fashioned face to face chat.

It’s been quite a few weeks; I’m currently at our industry’s annual Comms Vision event at Gleneagles.  It only feels like five minutes since the Convergence Summit South event at Sandown Park where I caught up with a number of our existing Partners and got the chance to meet some new prospects too.

We’re growing and changing – as all businesses are, but the benefits of sitting down and discussing these changes and how our Partners can take advantage of developments is invaluable. Informing them of our new telephony products, demonstrating the many tools they have at their fingertips including our online network monitoring platform, sharing industry insight – it’s all easy and enjoyable when you can put a face to a name and bond over a PS4 car racing game! (Our stand competition).

Over a coffee we chatted about how the increases in end user demands on bandwidth combined with decreasing prices on Ethernet are resulting in more SMB’s seriously considering leased lines these days.  There was a lot of interest in how we can help Partners serve this growing need. We also chatted about the equally important matter of the day – what time the free bar opens!

Now I know many people think the exhibition era is heading towards extinction and well, it might be yes, but the era of meeting people and engaging face to face, in my opinion will continue long, long after I’m gone.

Don’t get me wrong, working for a technology provider and being insanely impatient, I love the efficiencies that virtual meetings, email and instant messaging can bring, and for quick catch ups and general sharing of information – they’re revolutionary in the workspace. Take Skype for Business for example, I can instantly share a draft slide deck with a colleague 6 hours’ drive away from me at my desk, (at home or at work) enabling us both to discuss and develop the deck in an instant.  That’s a 12 hour round trip avoided, not to mention the carbon footprint added benefit! There are hundreds of stats out there that prove that software applications like Skype for Business and Office 365 have a direct effect on employee production. Yet, there is a reason the company you work for today still has a ‘meeting’ room or two.   

We should all embrace technology and use it to our advantage but we should also never forget the power of human interaction. Our motto is making technology easy and enjoyable and there’s no better way to demonstrate how we do that, than through our personalities. If your people are the best asset to your business; get them in front of your customers as much as you can.

Gotta go.  Comms Vision promise lots of faces to face…

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