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Budget Bonanza for IT Pros!

Budget Bonanza for IT Pros!

26/06/2015 10:31 by Sarah Bailey
Marketing Campaigns Manager

I recently attended the Spiceworks Spiceworld event in London which attracts around 450 IT professionals from SMBs across the UK, who go to share their thoughts, challenges and future tech needs. (Along with a few marketing bods like me, hoping to pick up some nuggets on how to best reach those guys).

I found it really interesting to hear that 59% of IT Pro’s think sales within their company will grow in the next 12 months and that 33% have an increase in budget coming their way. Its great news for business – the market is obviously on the up and re-investment within companies is again possible. It’s also not bad news for IT managers – there’s more money to spend on infrastructure, software and much needed upgrades. Basically the purse strings have been loosened and a number of stakeholders within the business now see technology as the driving force rather than just a supporting aid.

As an IT Pro I imagine you are now being pulled from pillar to post with demands from all sorts of departments for the latest piece of software, the latest app and of course, it all needs to work on any device at anytime, anywhere. Your role has widened and everyone now wants a piece of you – you might say you are in a very powerful position.

However, we also learnt at Spiceworks that only 20% of that spend will be attributed to new projects, as the majority will be tied up on maintenance costs for old technology.  Old technology that isn’t that efficient isn’t that flexible and isn’t keeping you ahead of the competition.

With the economy, dare I say looking positive, now is the time to make the case for new technology investments; whether its taking advantage of an off-premise solution that simply saves you time or a hosted collaboration tool that enables your workforce to work smarter together.  Whilst the budget is available, do what you can to convince the decision maker that updating technology should be top of the agenda. Use your power IT Pros!

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