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Broadband is about to change for all!

Broadband is about to change for all!

08/06/2015 10:57 by Nick Shepperd
Product Manager - Connectivity

RID CodesI am very new to blog writing, but every definition I can find about a “good blog” says it’s about a conversation about what is on your mind. So this made me think about what is on my mind at the moment other than the lovely spring weather, and right now it’s the impending Ofcom changes.

Now before you stop reading and run for the hills, I have to say this is pretty big news. In June Ofcom is moving broadband to a ‘gaining provider system’ which means the end of MAC codes for transfer. This will allow for easier transfer for broadband services and should make it easier for everyone.

This does however come with a few challenges.  The main issue is that broadband providers and resellers need RID codes, also known as Reseller IDs. Ofcom has generated RID codes, which are 3 digit codes that identify all providers and use them to monitor and protect broadband services from unauthorised orders.

I am working hard with our software team to implement this at Eclipse, and it will be interesting to see how the industry reacts on the 20th of June when the change over to the new RID process comes into effect.  Which providers will be ready and which will be left not able to place orders?

Eclipse has hundreds of channel partners who regularly buy our products and services.  Our challenge is ensuring that all our partners are ready; without an assigned RID code, they won’t be able to order broadband services anymore.

We’re pretty proud of our service reputation and our ability to react quickly to the needs of our reseller partners but their ability to buy quickly will be severely delayed if they don’t act now.  So here is my blogging plea: if you’re an Eclipse partner (or want to be!) please contact Ofcom to get your RID code now. 

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