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A realistic take on the IoT fridge trope?

A realistic take on the IoT fridge trope?

05/08/2015 10:07 by Anthony Cross
Market and Consumer Analyst

ringsThe other week I received an email with the subject line, “Technology and marketing in 2020 – the perfect marriage?”

My first reaction was that the question was somewhat irrelevant; of course technology and marketing are linked. Technology and just about anything are linked to some extent, today or in five years’ time. Then it occurred to me that not everybody may be as adaptable or as prepared for the step change as I, working in the technology sector, seemed to be.

Having just attended a professional services sector meeting, it was clear that today’s workforce crosses a vast spectrum of acceptance that technology is the future. The room appeared split between those who revel in the ability to check in on emails and document updates while attending their child’s sports day, to those for whom work is not work without being sat at a certain desk in a certain office, from 9 till 5.

Whether organisations are ready to adopt new ways of working or not, those that recognise the potential of technology to grow their business and successfully bring their teams into new ways of working are likely to reap the rewards.

So to return to the original question, my response is; technology and marketing absolutely have to be the perfect marriage because in the world of tomorrow, divorce is not an option. 

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