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Balancing digital demand with the human touch

Balancing digital demand with the human touch

26/10/2017 12:18 by KCOM
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In many areas of life, technology has given convenience where there was delay; think self-service checkouts and railway platform ticket machines. It can also bring certainty where there was doubt, providing facts based on always up-to-date information.


But what about services that rely on human relationships? For those who work, there’s a careful balance to be reached between technology, processes and people, but can technology ever provide the same or a better level of service? Should we even wish or expect it to?


That’s the question that Depaul UK will be discussing at this year’s Charity Technology Conference, on 9th November at The Mermaid, London.


The charity’s Nightstop UK service provides an emergency bed for the night for vulnerable and homeless young people, thanks to a network of volunteers who welcome them into their own homes.


Facing the challenge of streamlining the way Nightstop is run while expanding the benefits to all beneficiaries, Depaul wanted to use a digital solution without losing the profound impact of the open and trusting relationships driving the programme.


It’s a challenge faced not only by charitable organisations but by businesses across sectors, where customer experience is shaped as much by the people we buy from as by the means through which we buy.


KCOM is supporting the Charity Technology Conference as headline sponsor for the fourth year running, and will be there throughout the day to help and advise charities and third sector organisations as they navigate the next stage of their technology roadmap.


For more details on the event, visit https://www.civilsociety.co.uk/events/charity-technology-conference-2017.html

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