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If one of these is true for your company, it could be time to invest in Hosted PBX

If one of these is true for your company, it could be time to invest in Hosted PBX

08/02/2016 04:00 by Alex Sergeant
Marketing Executive

It may be tempting to delay moving your telephone system to the cloud. Old-school on-premise phone systems are familiar and a switch can be disruptive, especially if you have a large customer service team.

But most businesses will eventually hit that point where they need to upgrade their systems – both to keep customers happy and to stay ahead of their competition in their respective market.

Sometimes it’s obvious when it’s the right time to move - like when the Finance Director tells you it’s time to cut costs. However, other times the signs aren’t so obvious. If one of the following statements is true for you then you’re likely to benefit by moving your PBX to the cloud sooner rather than later.

Customers need more ways to contact you

With more options available to connect with businesses – social media, email and chat – customers are demanding flexibility. For example, sometimes they want to talk to a customer service rep on the phone, sometimes a simple web chat is more efficient.

Traditional phone systems simply aren’t as flexible as cloud-based solutions. Complaints about long wait times or the inconvenience of telephone-only support are on the rise, so it’s probably time to transition a call centre environment to the cloud.

And it’s not just the customers. Your employees may be frustrated with the lack of options available to them too!

Your IT spends too much time on your phone system

Your IT team should focus its time and effort on projects that propel the business forward. If revenue-generating projects are nearly always running behind schedule, it’s worth reviewing how your IT resources are allocated.

With Hosted PBX, the tasks of adding, upgrading and maintaining features and functionality are made much easier to manage via a simple online portal. This lets your IT team focus on what matters most.

Everything’s fine as long as the business doesn’t grow or shrink

Today’s companies need to be flexible in the face of changing circumstances. New product launches, busy periods, and the addition or loss of customers all can stress the capabilities of a business.

Hosted PBX introduces a high level of scalability, making it easier to manage overflow, add or remove users, and route calls to those with the relevant experience to resolve specific issues. With greater flexibility, you can even introduce alternate solutions that help increase revenue – for example, using your sales team members to handle support calls to enable cross-selling opportunities.

Your CRM has seen better days

At some point, all businesses need to re-evaluate their requirements for customer relationship management. For many, this is an opportune time to move to the cloud. Whether you’re upgrading or deploying a new CRM, integrating it with Hosted PBX will increase productivity. Powerful features such as click-to-dial, inbound call popups (coming early 2016) and enhanced call stats will increase efficiency and productivity, all whilst concentrating on that perfect customer experience every good business seeks to offer.

If more than one of these statements are true for your company, then it’s definitely time to invest.  Look for a system that offers simple migration, can reduce costs, is secure, and is scalable.


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