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World Productivity Day

On World Productivity Day, Andy Cory, Identity Management Services Lead, spoke to Information Security Buzz and provided his reasons as to why productivity is not a human only issue

Information Security Buzz - World Productivity Day

“World Productivity Day is a good time to consider the impact of poor IT management on frontline employees. Organisations should review whether they are utilising existing tools to the best of their capabilities, and consider which new technologies could help enhance the productivity levels of their workforce. For an employee to be productive, it’s vital that they are able to access the tools they need for their job as quickly as possible. Every worker needs the right tools, and, in the modern office, these are accessed via secure, password-protected portals.  

“However, most employees need a myriad of tools to perform their tasks across the day. With different tools requiring different passwords, with different complexity rules and different expiry rules, employees very quickly fall victim to password fatigue, and can waste time trying to keep track of, or calling Helpdesk to reset, their many passwords. By adopting single sign-on managed by an identity and access management system to access an entire suite of tools, employees can save time and frustration – and organisations can see productivity levels increase.  

“If organisations think they have an employee productivity problem, it’s worth reviewing technologies, systems and processes before taking it out on employees. Badly designed systems and old technologies can negatively impact productivity across the entire business, contributing to systematic productivity issues.   

“Good employees can’t do good work without good technology. Productivity is far from a human-only issue. IT management may sound simple, but it’s a key factor in achieving your productivity potential.”